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I am a student of Safe Way Driving School. I would like to tell you that the driving school was an excellent choice for a driving school and it provided exactly what I needed to know to become a safe driver. The instructor's lessons were to-the-point but very detailed. She wanted to thoroughly cover the rules of the road and why each driver on the road makes a difference. I was taught things that my mentor outside of driving school didn't cover, like the 2 point turn and what flashing red lights and yellow lights meant. It's the little things that end up making a huge difference on the road. They taught me that you have to drive defensively at all times and constantly be aware of your surroundings. The instructors make the lessons easy enough to understand that even a person who has never been behind the wheel can be driving with ease after the course is over. The instruction that I received at Safe Way Driving School prepared me for the road and what it really takes to be a safe driver for life.

R. Hawkins

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